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    Unit 14, 12 Engineering Close,  Kya Sand, Randburg Johannesburg, South Africa

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    custom installation

    We have installed some unusual and challenging jobs over the years – there’s no challenge too great or request too bizarre – we can make it happen.

    We can work at height and handle grand format installations anywhere. The sky is the limit.

    retail & brand activations

    We handle nationwide brand activations in the retail sector, including point of sale, window displays, and franchise outlet interior branding.

    Consistency, quality and reliability are vital; this is the language we speak.

    Our site managers have great customer-facing skills and handle all H&S requirements.

    exterior signage

    “stiek to what you know” is our tagline for a reason. We have years of experience in this field and can undertake large installations within very tight timelines.

    We use trusted materials to prevent corrosion or rusting. With the proper choice of fittings and the correct implementation, we ensure lasting outdoor signage.

    Stiek covers all the options on illuminated signage, fabricated lettering, industrial park directional signage, construction and property notices, and residential estate signage.

    wallpaper & deco

    We service both residential and corporate sectors.

    Wallpaper is one of our specialties and combined with our creative concept offering and outstanding application it’s no wonder that it’s a bestseller. We offer framed canvas, wall tattoos and framed artwork or photographs to complete your decor requirements.

    If you’re looking for good advice, affordable solutions and personal service, look no further.

    vehicle & fleet branding

    We use only premium cast vinyl with compatible UV stable lamination film for protection and longevity.

    We can manage entire fleets from concept and design, production and application, through to scheduling and rotation logistics. We understand your vehicles can’t stand still for long.

    Stiek can handle a diverse range of vehicle branding, from Inter-Links to small hatchbacks, and motorcycles to golf carts.